MAGNUMCAKES online customize designer cakes.

We love what we do

MAGNUMCAKES.COM is a high end designer cake brand currently operating in Lahore & Islamabad with the largest setup for customized cakes. Everything that the cafe offers is made from scratch with high quality imported ingredients. Use of preservatives is strictly refrained in order to provide customers with a healthy and wholesome experience. Along with offering quality rich designer cakes, MAGNUMCAKES.COM also specializes in a variety of Cupcakes, Cookies, Brownies, Drinks and much more.

Our clientele includes not only everyday customers but also Diplomats, Socialites, Multinational Corporations and Celebrities. Our cakes have been the choice for various product launches, corporate mergers, business parties as well as other occasions such as birthdays, farewells, anniversaries and weddings.

OUR Mission

What makes a really great cake? What gives it that special texture and taste that makes you feel as if it’s the best you’ve ever had? At Cake Monster, we want our next cake to hold that special place in your heart.

A great cake, in our opinion, evokes a flurry of great memories, an unending pleasant smile and the feeling that some days in life are worth living again and again. Go ahead, be a Cake MAGNUMCAKES.COM . Make this one memorable for your friends, family and yourself.

About our online store


Projected By       
Founder(s)                    Muhammad Ashraf Bajwa
Launched                      2018
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Head Office                   Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan